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Procor Steel Traders was established in 1997. We are proud to offer our customers a complete manufacture and refurbishment facility. Procor strives to deliver a good quality end product to our customers.

Who is procor?

Procor, established in 1997, supplies exothermic foundry sleeves, foundry spirits and other mould coats, putty, monolytics to line ladles, hot toppings for Irons and SG irons, steels and non-ferrous metals, an aluminium slip for pattern boxes, parting powder to prevent sticking to the wood moulds, sealant, mouldable and mastic adhesives, sodium silicate, core glue and breakdown agent.

See some of our foundry supply products below

  1. Foundry Supplies: Explore our extensive range of foundry supplies, including crucibles, ladles, molding sand, and more. We provide everything you need for efficient and high-quality metal casting processes.

  2. Ceramic Fibre Products: Our ceramic fiber products offer exceptional insulation, heat resistance, and durability. From blankets and boards to paper and textiles, we have the solutions to meet your industrial insulation needs.

  3. Exothermic Round Neck Down: Enhance your casting efficiency with our exothermic round neck downs. These precision-engineered components facilitate controlled metal flow, reducing defects and improving casting quality.

  4. Sleeve Tray Box: Keep your foundry sleeves organized and accessible with our durable sleeve tray boxes. Designed for convenience and longevity, they are an essential accessory for any foundry operation.

  5. Mouldcotes: Achieve superior casting results with our trusted mold coatings. Mouldcotes provide excellent surface finish, thermal stability, and ease of application, ensuring a reliable casting process.

  6. Exothermic Sleeves: Our exothermic sleeves are designed to boost metal casting performance. They provide consistent and controlled heat release, resulting in improved casting integrity and reduced defects.

  7. Foundry Putty: Count on our versatile foundry putty for repairs and maintenance. Whether you need to patch molds, cores, or other components, our putty offers excellent adhesion and durability.

  8. Foundry Powders: Our range of foundry powders includes fluxes, coatings, and additives to optimize your metallurgical processes. Achieve precise control over alloy composition and casting quality.

  9. Exothermic Slotted Neck Down: Ensure precise gating in your casting process with our exothermic slotted neck downs. These components are engineered for consistent metal flow, reducing turbulence and defects.

  10. CF Boards: Our ceramic fiber boards are engineered for high-temperature applications. They provide exceptional insulation and structural stability, making them ideal for furnace and kiln linings.

  11. Core Glue: Trust our specialized core glue for secure and efficient core assembly. It offers excellent bonding properties and heat resistance, ensuring the integrity of your castings.

  12. Exothermic Inserts With Sand Core Glued: Improve casting efficiency with our innovative exothermic inserts. These components, with sand cores glued in place, simplify your casting process and enhance product quality.

  13. Exothermic Square Neck Downs: Optimize your metal casting with our precision-engineered square neck downs. They provide controlled metal flow and reduced turbulence, resulting in higher-quality castings.

  14. Insulating Sleeves: Our insulating sleeves are designed to maintain consistent temperatures in your molds. This insulation helps prevent premature solidification and casting defects.

  15. Ceramic Adhesive: Our high-temperature ceramic adhesive is formulated for bonding and sealing ceramic materials. It offers excellent adhesion and thermal stability for various industrial applications.

  16. Aluminium Slip: Explore our specialized products for aluminum casting processes. Our aluminum slip formulations are tailored to meet the unique requirements of aluminum foundries.

  17. Insulating Round Neck Down: Improve casting efficiency and quality with our insulating round neck downs. These components help maintain optimal metal temperature and reduce defects in your castings.

  18. Ceramic Fibre Boards: Our ceramic fiber boards provide exceptional heat resistance and insulation properties. They are ideal for lining furnaces, kilns, and other high-temperature environments.

  19. Castables: Discover our versatile castable refractory materials suitable for a wide range of applications. These materials offer excellent thermal shock resistance and durability.

  20. Nylon Vents: Our nylon vents are designed to meet the ventilation needs of foundry operations. They offer reliable performance and durability, helping to maintain optimal working conditions.

  21. Silchem: Explore our range of specialty chemicals tailored for foundry and metalworking applications. From release agents to coatings, Silchem products are engineered for performance and reliability.

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