Aluminum Slip

To use in pattern boxes release agent so sand doesn’t stick to the wood mold.

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Release Agent for Core Boxes
ZIP SLIP LP-78 PARTING is a fast-drying; aluminum-pigmented liquid parting supplied READY TO USE
ZIP SLIP LP-78 PARTING was designed primarily for use with PEPSET@ and ISOCURE@ urethane binders but perform equally well with sands bonded with furan or phenolic no-bake binders. ZIP SLIP LP-78 PARTING is not wetted out by chemical binders and the platelet structure of the deposited solids allows for release through physical separation of the particles. ZIP SLIP LP-78 PARTING does not build upon pattern and core box surfaces provided it is applied lightly.
Typical Physical Properties
Flashpoint (PM) below 23 degrees Celsius
Kg 2.78
Colour Silver
Solvent Aliphatic Hydrocarbon
The solids in ZIP SLIP LP-78 PARTING will settle out of suspension during transportation or storage but are easily re-suspended with a small amount of agitation before use. As the solvent system evaporates fast, the ZIP SLIP LP-78 PARTING may increase in viscosity and become difficult to apply. Steps should be taken to minimize evaporation. Used in pattern shops.

Avoid eye and skin contact
Use with adequate ventilation
Avoid inhalation of vapors
Keep containers closed to avoid excessive evaporation
Wear chemical safety goggles, resistant gloves, and other necessary protective equipment.
Avoid contact with strong oxidizing agents, strong alkalies, strong mineral acids, water and
chlorinated solvents. ZIP SLIP LP-78 PARTING is FLAMMABLE