Slag-ag F (White)

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Cast Irons for Top of Ladle to coagulate the liquid slag present – prevent from entering the mould during pouring

Slag-ag F (Coag A) is a flux used mainly for Cast Irons, it is added to the top of the
Ladles to coagulate the liquid slags present and prevent them from entering the
mould during pouring. An added advantage when using Slag-ag F (Coag A) is that
it also acts as an insulator and prevents temperature loss by radiation from the
metal surface.
Slag-ag F (Coag A) is spread over the top of the metal in the ladle where it forms a
tough plastic crust. This crust can be broken up and removed into large pieces, or
preferably it can be left in position and the metal poured from underneath the
A normal addition of Slag-ag F (Coag A) would be 1kg to 1 ton of metal, giving an
addition rate of 0,1%.